TRANSITION REPORT 2014 Innovation in Transition


The Transition Report was prepared by the Office of the Chief Economist (OCE) of the EBRD, under the general direction of Erik Berglof. It also includes a contribution from the Office of the General Counsel (Annex 5.1).

This year’s editors were Ralph de Haas, Alexander Plekhanov and Peter Sanfey. Francesca Dalla Pozza provided research assistance.

The writing teams for the chapters, boxes and annexes comprised:

Dimensions (Chapter 1)

Alexander Plekhanov and Helena Schweiger, with contributions from Florent Silve.

Case study 1.1 was prepared by Pavel Dvorak; Box 1.1 was prepared by Wiebke Bartz and Helena Schweiger; Box 1.2 was prepared by Oleksandr Shepotylo; Box 1.3 was prepared by Florent Silve; and Box 1.4 was prepared by Fadi Farra and Olga Sigalova.

Productivity (Chapter 2)

Pierre Mohnen, Helena Schweiger and Florent Silve, with contributions from Wiebke Bartz.

Case study 2.1 was prepared by Pavel Dvorak; Box 2.1 was prepared by Wiebke Bartz; Box 2.2 was prepared by Helena Schweiger; and Box 2.3 was prepared by Konstantins Benkovskis and Julia Woerz.

Drivers (Chapter 3)

Wiebke Bartz, Emil Gelebo, Pierre Mohnen and Helena Schweiger.

Case study 3.1 was prepared by Pavel Dvorak; Box 3.1 was prepared by Helena Schweiger; Box 3.2 was prepared by Loe Franssen; Box 3.3 was prepared by Giulia Bovini and Lorenzo Ciari; and Box 3.4 was prepared by Verena Kroth.

Funding (Chapter 4)

Cagatay Bircan and Ralph de Haas, with contributions from Carly Petracco and Teodora Tsankova.

Box 4.1 was prepared by Markus Biesinger and Cagatay Bircan; and Box 4.2 was prepared by Aziza Zakhidova.

Policies (Chapter 5)

Giulia Bovini, Helena Schweiger and Reinhilde Veugelers, with contributions from Pavel Dvorak, Olga Gladuniak and Alexander Stepanov.

Box 5.1 was prepared by Alexander Stepanov; Box 5.2 was prepared by Alexander Stepanov; Box 5.3 was prepared by Reinhilde Veugelers; Box 5.4 was prepared by Helena Schweiger and Alexander Stepanov; and Box 5.5 was prepared by Giulia Bovini. Annex 5.1 was prepared by Lorenzo Ciari and Alan Colman.

Outlook (Macroeconomic overview)

Alexander Plekhanov, with contributions from Adiya Belgibayeva, Kristjan Piilmann and Nafez Zouk.

Reforms (Structural reform)

Svenja Petersen and Peter Sanfey, with contributions from OCE sector economists and analysts.


The online-only country assessments were prepared by the regional economists and analysts of the Office of theChief Economist and edited by Peter Sanfey. Piroska M. Nagy provided comments and general guidance, and Nafez Zouk provided data support. The main authors were:

  • Central Asia (excluding Mongolia) and Georgia: Agris Preimanis and Nino Shanshiashvili.
  • Central Europe and the Baltic states (excluding Croatia and Slovenia): Alexander Lehmann and Marcin Tomaszewski.
  • Eastern Europe and the Caucasus (excluding Georgia): Dimitri Gvindadze and Mykola Miagkyi.
  • Slovenia and Turkey: Bojan Markovic and Idil Bilgic Alpaslan.
  • Mongolia: Alexander Plekhanov and Olga Ponomarenko.
  • Russia: Peter Tabak and Olga Ponomarenko.
  • Southern and eastern Mediterranean: Hanan Morsy, Sherifa Abdel Razek, Rand Fakhoury and Nafez Zouk.
  • South-eastern Europe, Croatia and Cyprus: Peter Sanfey and Jakov Milatovic.

Editorial, multimedia and production guidance for the Transition Report was provided by Chris Booth, Dermot Doorly, Kasia Dudarska, Hannah Fenn, Cathy Goudie, Dan Kelly, Jane Ross, Jeanine Stewart, Natasha Treloar and Bryan Whitford in the EBRD Communications Department, and by Matthew Hart and Fran Lawrence. The Report was designed and print-managed by Blackwood Creative Ltd;

The editors are indebted to Philippe Aghion, Martin Bruncko, Sergei Guriev, Bruce Kogut and Jeromin Zettelmeyer for comments and discussions. The report benefited from comments and feedback from the EBRD Board of Directors and their authorities, the EBRD Executive Committee, the EBRD’s Resident Offices and Country Teams, and staff from the European Commission, International Monetary Fund and the World Bank.

Some of the material in this report is based on the fifth round of the EBRD/World Bank Business Environment and Enterprise Performance Survey (BEEPS V), which was funded by the World Bank and the EBRD Shareholder Special Fund, and the second round of the Banking Environment and Performance Survey (BEPS II), which was funded by the EBRD Shareholder Special Fund. BEEPS V Russia, conducted in 2011-12, was co-funded by Vnesheconombank. This funding is gratefully acknowledged.